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EEVblog #808 - Fluke 196 Scopemeter Repair

Dave repairs a dumpster Fluke 196 Scopemeter handheld oscilloscope that has a faulty LCD screen.

How to repair a faulty hot bar LCD screen flat flex cable connection.

Service Manual with full schematics: http://assets.fluke.com/manuals/192_196_smeng0200.pdf

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Gadget Addict : Nice one Dave! I'm glad we finally got something fixed haha. Very fun to watch!
Andre Paquette : Fixing those strips is easier than it looks. Just hovering over the ribbon with a soldering iron can fix it easily. You don't even need to touch the strip. This is commonly done on the original Gameboy to fix the screens as they end up separating. You can even do it while its on to see your progress.
wir3mu : Best feeling ever when you eventually fix something
Isaac Schneider : Argh, it was painful to watch Dave go at the lcd with a hot air rework gun @ 240C! In a previous life long ago, I worked as a tech for pagers and cellphones. When repairing / refurbishing we would come across lcd problems all the time from abuse and "water damage".

Over time and spending a ton of money we found the ultimate solution to bonding/rebonding lcds. I personally have used this method for hundreds of thousands of lcd screens.

Desoldering Iron with manual Bulb and LOW wattage.

Example image:

We ended up using Radio Shack desoldering irons (20-25W) and a temp control. If possible use a temperature control and start at the 25% power. Locate the cylinder at the end of the iron where the heating and bulb tubes converge. Use the smooth side wall of the cylinder or the smooth end opposite of the tip. Then just glide over the top of the ribbon just like ironing a shirt.

There are different type of ribbon substrates/carriers the traces ride on. If you have the temperature too high the substrate will deform or melt rendering the ribbon useless. In the video it looks like a paper/fenolic substrate, those are the cheapest and have the worst results.

If the ribbon is not bonding just turn up the heat a little bit and repeat the ironing until your lcd is securely bonded. To help ensure alignment you can bond ribbon to screen or pcb while unit is on. When you get your technique down you can run hotter temps which will allow you to bond much quicker.

Hope this helps someone out in the intertubes. 8-)
Dana Zircher : Thanks Dave, I love watching your videos, they're really entertaining and so informative. Your gusto to try and diagnose/fix that crappy zebra strip had me chuckling out loud and perhaps I'll try to repair one next time I encounter a failed strip instead of just wholesale replacing it.

Fluke 196 scopemeter Li-ion upgrade and charging enhancement

This Fluke scopemeter can make an overload on original battery charging. I receive it without internal battery, so I built a Lithium ion battery, insert it on, and build a linear power charger inside, wich provide to not use the internal charger. Now the device can be connected to the main round o'clock.
Strange Brew : I converted my 199c to lithium. 2S 2P. I used a battery bms board 2S and connected it to the internal charge circuit.
You can only get in trouble if the internal charge Voltage is past 8.4v and it is right on the voltage. You can add a variable buck converter before the bms.
Works fine but I don’t charge it past 85%. Lasts way longer than the original battery. And will keep a charge for months even when I don’t use it.
I wouldn’t try to fully charge it though.
ROLLIN HAND : can you provide schematic of your mod.thanks
RadioTvrepair قناة أبو عثمان للالكترونيات : thank you sir I have like your oscilloscope but it has a problem the interface is blocked on a page like your scopmeter I can change the interface can you help me
Tuning-times : У этого прибора очень хорошо переделывается схема штатного зарядного устройства под литий. Не нужно даже лишние схемы встраивать.
P.S. дизлайк не мой))
RadioTvrepair قناة أبو عثمان للالكترونيات : Hello i have like this oscilloscope problem battery and I have a adapter 8,4 v 1,5 amp it can work with this adapter or not Thank you very much

Fluke 196

This video is about Fluke 196
jay sun : Thanks for putting this video up, helped alot.
The Keen Mechanic : Hi. I am about to do this on my fluke 196. How long did the battery last and was it worth doing? Thanks




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